Logistics Assistant
Job Summary

The Logistics Assistant is responsible for receiving, store operations and dispatch of finished goods, equipment and spares as well as ensuring proper housekeeping and integrity of stock inventory. .

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

 1.      The Logistics Assistant records in-coming stock, inputs into computer and stores in the assigned location e.g. on shelves, racks, bins, or on the floor of the warehouse.

 2.      He / She is also responsible for marking goods with the proper identifying tags so that supplies can be retrieved easily or delivered correctly. Ensure FIFO is followed for all transactions.

 3.      The Logistics Assistant receives order requests through Delivery Orders, Sample orders, Equipment / Spare Parts Requisition. He / She verifies the retrieved stock item with the order or requisition

 4.      Performs domestic and international shipping activities e.g. marking, palletizing, boxing, etc.

 5.      Examine shipments, return damaged goods, and report quality and quantity problems to Warehouse Executive. Communicates and coordinates with appropriate buyer returns, rejections and credits. Properly inputs credit into computer system. Submits proper documents and notification to accounts payable.

 6.      Operates powered industrial forklift to transport inventory, unload incoming stock and load orders.

 7.      Performs inventory transactions using the organization’s inventory control system while maintaining proper inventory records and integrity in adherence to the company Internal Control requirements.

 8.      Ensures filing of documents promptly for easy retrieval and verification.  

  1.     Perform daily / weekly cycle counts. Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies. Reports reasons for discrepancy errors and submits recommendations to Warehouse Executive.
  2.     Keep records on the daily use and/or regular maintenance service of stock handling equipment. Monitors equipment or processes and reports problems to supervisor.

*Interested candidates, please send a detailed resume with recent photograph*